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Email Signatures

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For office 365 Desktop and Mobile devices


  • Unify and centrally manage email signatures and disclaimers
  • Create personalized signatures using a HTML editor with Active Directory fields
  • Add signatures directly under the latest reply in email correspondence
  • Add company logo, photos & other graphics to Emails in-line (not as attachments)
  • View signatures in the Sent Items folder in senders' email clients
  • Create different signature templates for various sender and recipient groups
  • Add signatures in HTML, RTF and Plain Text formats
  • Add promotional banners to all or selected emails
  • Support for all types of mobile devices used by senders (e.g. iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry, Outlook, Entourage, OWA etc.)
  • Pre-schedule Seasonal signatures for Christmas etc.
  • Customers using our Personalised Email Signatures

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