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Web Design

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Web Packages Information

We use Wordpress as our content management system of choice. Wordpress powers 35% of the internet. It is updated regularly, fast, secure and has a multitude of plugins available to cover almost any requirement your business may have.

Ecommerce sites use the popular Woocommerce plugin for Wordpress which also has addons for integration with MYOB Accountright, Square and other popular accounting and banking platforms. Woocommerce is also very easy to use, things such as adding items to the store or running promotions are very simple to achieve.

For more information on Wordpress, visit:

For more information about woocommerce, visit:

Website Pricing

Due to the vast differences in web design from one site to another, it is difficult to give an estimate on pricing.

Branding websites will require more imagery whereas a small business website may have more text, because of this we can give an estimate on pricing but each website will have its own custom quote. It is for this reason we encourage you to call us so we can tailor a specific quote for your needs. The packages that follow can be used as a rough estimate of the costs involved. For all packages the client is to provide all text and photo content. If you are unable to provide photo content we will use royalty free stock images.

Tech Support